Personalized Microsoft Excel training

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool. It features calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. Excel Spreadsheets are often used to store and process financial information, formulas, and functions that help perform mathematical operations for any kind of data format (numbers, text, dates, etc.)

The possibilities are nearly endless and utterly useful for any business or employee.

Our goal is to make you an expert in using this tool.

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Project Management for PMP® and CAPM® certifications

This course will walk you through the entire life cycle of a project using both theoretical classroom instruction and real-world work simulations.

It will be governed by PMI® methodologies and standards in order to prepare students for the PMP® and/or CAPM® certifications. In addition, this program includes various exam simulations to further help the student pass the exam certification.

Students can enjoy learning about Project Management through practical simulations or - when available - real community works projects, should they choose to participate in such. In either case, students will become familiar with project management tools such as MS Projects and other vital analytics.

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IT Security

This group of courses covers basic, intermediate and advanced categories of Information Technology Security principles. For example:

  • The foundations of IT Security:  ethics, ethical hacking, the importance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (or CIA), etc...
  • Security and risk management: roles & responsibilities, fundamental principles, compliance, control measures for prevention, detection and correction, and the like...
  • Security Threats: definitions, vulnerabilities, social engineering, network attacks, cryptography concepts, access identity, and more...

IT security is an extensive discipline. Our program is designed to help produce proficient, well-rounded, ethical professionals, who will graduate our program ready for exams and ready to be hired in this emerging marketplace!

Our curricula can prepare you for diverse certifications such as

CCNA Sec, CompTIA, Security+, and more.

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Choosing the right major

After working at large corporations our team realized that most of the recent college graduates hired at the companies did not show to have the level of skills needed at work. That observation made us think of a different style of education that will prepare individuals to get a better understanding to choose the right major as well as developing skills to use at work.

Our personalized one on one pieces of training as well as real world work simulations.

For example, we would create a fictitious project to develop a secured network, the project will require technical, administrative staff. In one side a project manager will teach how in the reality a project is planned and executed; in parallel, a network engineer will teach network fundamentals to build an information network.

At nights the students will receive the theoretical classes, during the day they will execute the fictitious projects in syntony with what is learned during the classes. Student performance will be measured objectively according to their quality of results, we will also simulate certification exams, with questions and explanations to answers so they can get certified with globally recognized certifications such as PMP®, ITIL® v3, CCNA®, Security+, and more.


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Costa Rica is far more than just an exotic paradise of natural attractions, it also has sported the highest growth in technology use worldwide during the past five years. Definitely, a destination where you can find quality education for the most globally recognized certifications.

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Our learning platform focuses on real world work simulations, that will help you get better criteria to choose a major now before spending from 3 to 5 years at college. Spend 1 to 3 months at our academy, develop skills needed at work and get certified for globally recognized certifications.

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After 1 to 3 months you will have a better sense of what life will be like for your professional career and you will be prepared to obtain globally recognized certifications that will help you land a well-paying job right away.

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Recent high school graduates often struggle at the time of choosing the major for their professional career, we can help develop a better sense of what life will be like at a real work for them to choose the right major before spending from 3 to 5 years at college.

Skills development

Develop skills that will be helpful to get a well-paying job as well as obtaining globally recognized certifications.

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