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Personalized Online Training

We take your education seriously. That is why we offer one-on-one sessions and personalized lesson plans. This allows us to give undivided attention to each individual student and address their specific needs during each phase of the curricula.

You will save time and money with our online training because...


Targeted learning =

faster learning =

easier learning =

Enjoy Learning!

Real World Work Simulations

Recent graduates often struggle to choose a major due to lack of work experience in their prospective field. Early professionals typically find it difficult making practical application of their formal education.

At Enjoy Learning, we employ real-world work situations to help our students bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, as well as gain experience in how to handle the challenges common to the modern workplace. This may involve simulated scenarios or real community development projects. The end result is a better criteria for finding career success.


Lodging & Trips

Our primary function is education. However, since we have personnel located in Costa Rica, we have formed strategic alliances with local providers in order to facilitate VERY inexpensive lodging and tourism packages.

We structure our classes and accommodations so that students can focus on their studies during the week and experience the local culture, while still being able to enjoy weekend trips to some of Costa Rica's most beautiful and acclaimed natural attractions. Both our education and tourism packages are completely customizable to your preferences and budget.

This balanced mix of education, work, life, culture, and nature is at the heart of who we are and why we are called Enjoy Learning.

Project Management & Resource Supply

We also offer solutions to your business as freelance project management services along with an on-demand supply of technical resources.

We are a non-profits organization intended to create job positions for US citizens and paid training to low-income talent.

Our real-world work scenarios allow attaining globally accredited certifications quickly.

Save time and money

Why waste valuable time and money trying to determine your career path while still paying high university tuition fees?

Here is how you will benefit by taking one or more of our courses:

  • Map the career path is right for you
  • Be prepared to obtain globally recognized certifications
  • Learn the skills needed to land a well-paying job right away
  • Learn the the skills that you will be using every day on the job
  • Gain legitimate work experience for your résumé

Personalized attention and real world work situations

What sets us apart is our dedication to each individual students' success, not just in graduating from our program or passing a certification, but in being prepared for the real world landscape of the modern workplace.

We accomplish this through:

  • Personal attention
  • Customized learning stratefies
  • Disruptive practical lessons

Next Steps...

Enroll now to one of our education programs and Enjoy Learning in Costa Rica!