Our Story

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, engineers, and developers who, after several years working in the corporate world, have come to realize that our passion is creating awesome education solutions for today's marketplace.

We love teaching all ages, but we are especially committed to helping young people, desirous of a career in technology, determine their best course for career success.

Our Approach

We have three primary goals for all our students.

  1. Be prepared to pass the certification exam
  2. Be prepared for success in the real-world
  3. Provide business corporate solutions, learn more...

To that end, we employ a combination of theory (30%) and practical lessons (70%).

The theory is presented in a traditional classroom setting, while the practical application is accomplished through real-world work scenarios that very closely simulate a typical job experience.

In some cases, the simulated scenario may employ stand-ins or "actors", which allows us to create an authentic work environment, where-in the student can develop a true sense of what a typical day on the job will be like in their prospective field.

In other cases, when available, the student may choose to participate in actual, real-live local community works projects.

Either way, by the end of the program, the student will have a deeper understanding of the different roles within a company and will have a better criteria for directing their career path.

Our experience has taught us that this disruptive education style yields greater knowledge retention (due to immediate practical application, which is of great aid in exam prep), plus it's just plain ENJOYABLE!


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Meet the Team

Our board of entrepreneurs has a unique combination of skills, backgrounds, and stories.

Being good professionals and ethical members is a cornerstone of our company values. Take a look at our profiles.

Will Vargas

Founder & CEO

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Christopher Cook

Founder & CIO

Javier Portuguez

Founder & CTO

Raúl Morales

Founder & CFO



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